AHA Wort Rally/ Big Brew Day

Saturday, May 03, 2014 - 9AM
Lucid Brewing
6020 Culligan Way
Minnetonka, MN, USA 55345



Where: Lucid Brewing
6020 Cullligan Way
Minnetonka, MN 55345

When: May 3rd

Time: Homebrewing begins at 9AM
Wort Rally begins at 1PM

Lucid Brewing was founded by homebrewers, is run by homebrewers, and has homebrewers as employees. We think homebrewing is the best hobby in the world and want to celebrate it with our friends and fellow hobbyists.

The first weekend in May is recognized by the American Homebrewing Association (AHA) as Big Brew Day. On Big Brew Day, homebrewers around the country celebrate their hobby by getting together, sharing homebrew recipes, and of course, brewing! Lucid has held a Big Brew Day every year since our inception and will be doing it again on May 3rd! We want you there brewing with us, so get your recipes and gear ready!

This year we’re going to blow it up a little bit! We’ve invited the AHA to join us and rally for the national organization. Since they’re making the trek out from Boulder we’d thought we give them a warm Minnesota welcome by hosting a good old fashioned wort rally on top of the normal big brew day! Bring a sanitized carboy and we’ll fill it with Lucid wort, or save yourself the hassle and buy it at the Midwest supplies tent onsite for the day!

We’ve also partnered up with Midwest Supplies and Northern Brewer to facilitate homebrewing equipment demonstration and sales, and an educational seminar series.


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