Vintage Brewing Geeky Archived Brews Extravaganza


Exactly what the names implies. Scott Manning, Brewmaster of Vintage Brewing in Madison will take over every tap at Three Cellars only to tap VERY unique and "one-offs" that only a true Beer Geek can handle!

Tapping begins when we open at 3pm and runs through the evening until we close at 10pm.

Beers to make an appearance:
2014 Templeton Rye Barrel Aged Max Stout

Sarsaparilla Killa Potent Belgian Black Ale spiced with star anise.

"Dedication" Abbey Dubbel aged in Cabernet Sauvignon Barrels

"Brett-y White" - Brett fermented wheat beer, crisp, tart, and dry. Three Cellars exclusive tapping

Cabernet-barrel aged Jinja Ninja

2013 Bourbon barrel Max Stout 2013

2011 Bourbon barrel Max stout 2011

Archived 2013 "Joulupuki" - Imperial Finnish Sahti Juniper/Rye beer

Contact Info: Shawn Vollmer ( 4142353336


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