Modern Times 1st Anniversary Party DAY TWO

Sunday, July 13, 2014 - Ticket Holders Only- See Ticket
Modern Times North Park Flavordome!
3000 Upas St. Suite 102
San Diego, CA, USA 92104



JULY 13th at the North Park Flavordome (3000 Upas St. Suite 102, San Diego, CA 92104; entrance is on 30th near the corner of Upas) (NOTE: If you buy a ticket for this date, your confirmation email will list the Fermentorium address; ignore it & come to the Flavordome!)

1. Lomaland saison
2. Fortunate Islands hoppy wheat
3. Black House oatmeal coffee stout
4. Blazing World amber IPA
5. Oneida dry-hopped pale ale
6. Booming Rollers IPA
7. Barrel-Aged Sour Saison (only one barrel of this made, supremely delicious; one pour per person)
8. Red Wine Barrel-Aged Flanders Red (sour debut! one pour per person)
9. Funky Lomaland Aged in White Wine Barrels (Lomaland w/ Brett Trois & Brett Brux)
10. Monsters’ Park (new version, now 12% ABV, tasting amazing)
11. Mega Black House (an imperialized version of Black House)
12. Pilot Lager w/ Australian Helga hops
13. Small Monsters’ Park w/ cocoa nibs & vanilla beans
14. Fortunate Islands w/ grapefruit zest
15. Monsters’ Park Aged in Bourbon Barrels
16. Nitro Black House w/ rye barrel-aged coffee

Cask: Mega Black House on rum-soaked oak chips
Cold Press Coffee (unlimited pours): Black House Blend, Red Wine Barrel-Aged Ethiopian Derar Ela

Back-up kegs: Maple Barrel-Aged Imperial Rye Brown, Rye Saison

Food vendor: Tacos Perla! Mouthwatering tacos from our neighbor will be delivered straight to our tasting room.

Cost: $40

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