Pennsylvania Pub Crawl

Saturday, August 02, 2014 - Sunday, August 03, 2014 -
Alís of Hampden
Enola, PA, USA


Weíre doing a mobile gathering of the DC RateBeer tasting group, the highlight of which will be an afternoon/evening at Alís of Hampden and Pizza Boy Brewing on Saturday (with a possible guest appearance from Intangible Ales).

We will start at 11 AM Saturday at Mudhook Brewing in York, but then quickly transition to Holy Hound when it opens at 12, then probably Columbia Kettle Works. We tentatively plan to be at Alís at about 3 PM on Saturday.

On the way back to DC on Sunday, weíll probably hit places in Lancaster, or places in York that we missed on Saturday.

Follow our place check-ins to see where we are, or message Travlr or BeerandBlues2 for a cell phone number.


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I added this a bit late for folks to chime in, but participants so far are noodleuser, BeerandBlues2, ajax25g, MrChopin, and hopefully Beerman6686, orangesol and BMart at some point.
        Travlr, 8/2/2014


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