2nd Annual Woodshop Beer Tasti

Saturday, April 28, 2007 - 3:00 PM to 11:00 PM<script
Stuffed Sandwich
1145 E. Las Tunas Dr.s
San Gabriel, CA, USA 91776


Your SECOND chance to hang out

Cost: Free, for starters

Contact Info

Chris Quiroga


I wish my boss was a beer conn
        auerbrau, 4/28/2007
I will bring some brews that h
        Saarlander, 4/25/2007
I definitely live on the wrong
        TURDFERGUSON, 4/25/2007
I’ll be bringing some Mik
        JohnC, 4/24/2007
Damn, with all this good beer<
        KAME, 4/19/2007
It would be a GREAT help if pe
        cquiroga, 4/10/2007
Ok, so a preliminary teaser li
        cquiroga, 4/10/2007
Pannepøt, lots of imperial sto
        cquiroga, 4/10/2007
I wonder if I can hook up some
        mwsf, 3/15/2007


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