Pre-RBSG Milwaukee Tasting

Thursday, June 21, 2007 - 5:00P.M.<viola id=arm
MrFactos House
8153 Jackson Pk Blvdsr
Wauwatosa, WI, USA 53213


Time is flexible, had to put s

Cost: Nadda.

Contact Info

Matt Dick
(Beermail me)


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        1FastSTi, 6/25/2007
I have a few things to clear o
        Brigadier, 6/21/2007
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        Ughsmash, 6/21/2007
Brigadier and I will be leavin
        hezron, 6/21/2007
Got to come in from Pewaukee,<
        Sombeast, 6/18/2007
I will have a few growlers and
        BBB63, 6/17/2007
I likely wonít make it, Iíll b
        DavidP, 6/16/2007
I plan to stop by for a short<
        JPDIPSO, 6/9/2007
So far I know of St Bon Chien<
        CaptainCougar, 5/31/2007


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