MN Gathering @ Skyview

Saturday, January 12, 2008 - 5:30 pm to midnight<script
Skyview Tavern
St Paul, MN, USA 55119


Kicking off the new í08 year,<


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Bob Pirie


Left Hand Oak Aged Imperial St
        KAF, 1/12/2008
Bringing Blanche Des Moines &<
        rb, 1/10/2008
BA Old Numbskull, Big Hoppy Mo
        tyler_mn, 1/10/2008
So far, No. 1 Turbo Bock Beer<
        JK, 12/27/2007
Unfortunately I have plans to<
        tennisjoel, 12/27/2007
but itís my B-day and we have<
        Ughsmash, 12/10/2007


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