Noogfest High 5

Saturday, June 27, 2009 -
Deluxe Grill And Tap
807 Market Street
Chattanooga, TN, USA 37402


3pm till whenever. Pay for your own food, bring beers to share

If youíre still wondering whether to go or not, in the previous Noogfests, some very nice, hard to find beers have shown up. Barrel Aged beers from Alesmith & Lost Abbey, Stone 020202, selections from Valley Brewing to name a few

Cost: Bring Beer/Tip Well

Contact Info

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Bringing two bottles, but looking for a taste of an Oklahoma or Arkansas beer.
        Tmoney99, 6/25/2009
Iím hoping to make it...will bring a FW11 :) - Ayieee!!! - Logan & Colleen
        DenverLogan, 6/23/2009
Jacob, If I take pictures of my chicks, will you help me ID them? ;-)
        SpringsLicker, 6/19/2009
"020202? Really? i thought Iíd never get to taste this! " -- TBS. You still wonít (unless you open one of yours). That was a couple of years ago. I think you were late that year. And it was not over the hill.
        kp, 6/6/2009
I have my room booked at the Jo Motel in lovely Decatur so Iíll be there: stevo--ready or not! jcwattsrugger, 5/28/2009 You show up here youíll have to sleep in my beer cellar:)
        decaturstevo, 6/5/2009
020202? Really? i thought Iíd never get to taste this! Even over the hill, itíll be great to say Iíve had it. Iíll be bringing my best friend, visiting from KC and of course, some great treats. I even have about a pound of last yearís chocolate bar left!
        TheBeerSommelier, 6/5/2009
@TheBeerSommelier, sorry man this was a list of things that have shown up before, That was the first beer opened at Noog 3, the one everyone cancelled on :)
        Shag, 6/5/2009
Iíll be there... looking forward to it... Wonít be drinking, but canít wait to see everyone again! :-)
        Gez, 5/31/2009
stevo--ready or not!
        jcwattsrugger, 5/28/2009
sorry to have to say, not being there this year either .( Plans go to attending Noog 6...
        oh6gdx, 4/27/2009
Should be an interesting one this year!
        heemer77, 4/18/2009
Noogfest......training camp for Brewgrass in September!!
        BookmDano, 3/20/2009
pre-noog on the friday before, at my house like the past couple of years. at least, thatís the word on the street
        scoobyluv, 2/25/2009
Planning on finally attending one of these...
        bluesandbarbq, 1/23/2009
hrm.... only about 10% for this one.... unless someone wants to hire me and give me a massive raise, like, now.
        Drake, 1/18/2009
iím there!
        zythum, 12/30/2008
I am in..
        beerguy101, 12/30/2008
        3fourths, 11/19/2008
I hope school doesnít conflict with this...havenít missed the Noog yet!!!
        Cashazza, 11/18/2008