Xmas Eve Eve Eve

Monday, December 22, 2008 - 3:00 until whenever
the tronraner/Vanette household
4503 N. Wildwood Rd.
Maryville, TN, USA 37804


Email me for directions, jowast AT gmail DOT com, or beermail me if it ever gets fixed.

We will try to provide some eats. I have a futon and a couch if you overindulge and need to crash here.

Cost: bring beer

Contact Info

jowast AT gmail DOT com


Damn thing will not let me add my name. This is horse crap.
        NachlamSie, 12/22/2008
I hope you guys need beers from Arizona, because I am contributing several.
        tronraner, 12/10/2008


If You're Staying Local
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