Fort Wayne, IN Winter Gathering


Time for another gathering at the home of hotstuff and thedm. Bring some brews to share and feel free to bring any munchies. As usual, we will order pizzas. Yes, there will be mead(s) available. After all, what would a gathering at the home of hotstuff and thedm be without

Cost: Beer To Share & Glassware




bdigital 1/7/2009
So much pressure to bring something none of yíall have had...ugh! Just kidding...Iíll make sure I bring the camera and think I have a couple things that will interest you. Hey Jeff, Some of those bottles wouldnít happen to be Midnight Sun stuff would they? Hmmm?
jsquire 1/4/2009
Iíll be back from Alaska, and should have some interesting bottles to share.
hotstuff 1/1/2009
Dig deep and bring some awesome beers! Letís show that this group and this part of the country knows how to bring awesome beers to the table!!! bdigi66 bring your camera!!


If You're Staying Local
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