Woodshop Quad

Saturday, January 17, 2009 - 12:00 PM - 12:00 AM
Steiny s House
Orange, CA, USA


Fourth time is the charm. Although none of the other events have been any sort of letdown. But we are going to try to step up the conceptual game now, and for this latest "Woodshop Quad" we are going to try to have at least 40 (and perhaps 50) different Abt/Quadrupel beers available at the tasting, among the 200-300 or so different beers that are sure to be there. We will also have more attention paid to the food at the tasting, and it should be an all-around better time than the last one. And the last one was outstanding. Like each new Woodshop, the location has changed this time around, and this latest party is going to be at a throwback venue of 4 or 5 years ago, the original location of so many of the now-legendary "Dr. Bill and Steiny Birthday Bashes" of yore-- Steiny s house in the city of Orange. I will get his street address to those of you who are coming (and who do not already know). A recommended donation of $20-ish for beer for each party-goer, and another $10 for the food. And while there will certainly be more than enough beer to go around, any exciting beers that you would like to bring and share would be more than welcome. Feel free to beermail or call me with any questions about the party. Cell phone 951-536-9391.

BRING YOUR OWN GLASSWARE!!! I wouldnít want to run out, and I donít want everyone relying on Steiny and me. Be warned.

Cost: $20 for beer, $10 food

Contact Info

Chris Quiroga


Thanks to Chris, Steiny, Dr. Bill, Odeed, Ironchefscott, anybody else that helped with food, or that brought "refreshments" & all the other SoCal cats that made it possible.
        fidel, 1/19/2009
Chris, what an awesome party..it was great to see everyone there and my gosh the line up was incredible..you rock..and a thanks to all who brought their specials to share...Happy girl, Happy girl :)
        Moniesocal, 1/19/2009
Is there still space available for one more?
        CantillonKing, 1/16/2009
Thanks for the invite Chris. See you SoCal guys Saturday.
        AgentSteve, 1/12/2009
Canít make it but the Decadence 12 Cuvee Speciale will be on its way ASAP.
        KrausenJockey, 1/10/2009
whats the address?
        WeeHeavySD, 1/5/2009
looks like the name thing is fixed.it also looks like ill be bringing some pulled bbq pork for dinner.along with a few brews.oh and id love to try that veritas 004. :0)
        Odeed, 12/31/2008
Iím having the same problem adding my name to this event, but please note my RSVP
        IPAfiend, 12/30/2008
Bringing Owd Macs and Veritas 004
        wetherel, 12/29/2008
For some reason, I cant seem to add my own name either. Whenever I click the link, a small window pops up like its supposed to, but its just a shrunken duplicate of the regular Event Page here.
        cquiroga, 12/29/2008
The "add my name" feature is givin me a bit of trouble. Chris - as Im sure you know, Im in!!!
        jarspag, 12/29/2008
Thanks to Chris and Steiny for this!!
        JohnC, 12/28/2008