Coles Rare Beer Fest

Friday, January 23, 2009 - Sunday, January 25, 2009 -
1104 Elmwood Ave
Buffalo, NY, USA 14222


Coles will be having its first rare beer tasting on the weekend of Januray 23-25th. These will be beers on tap for the first time in Buffalo:
Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA
Dogfish Head Fort
Dogfish Head World Wide Stout
Oscar Blue Whiskey Barrell Aged Gordon
Oscar Blues Whiskey Barrell Ages Ten Fidy
Oscar Blues Whiskey Barrell Aged Old Chub
Victory Yakima Twilight

Bottles include Brooklyn Black Ops
among others

This is a pay as you drink event. Since these beers are quite expensive there will be different sized portions available for purchase,
Friday 1/23 5pm-12pm
Saturday 1/24 noon-12pm
Sunday 1/25 noon-?
Any questions beer mail swoopjones


Contact Info

Mike Shatzel


Its Friday, saturday & Sunday
        swoopjones, 1/21/2009
Once again, it looks like there will be more Ontarians at a Buffalo beer event than Buffalonians! See y’all on Saturday...
        GregClow, 1/21/2009
Should be a great time as always at Cole’s. Like Radek said, he and I will hit the bar, hopefully not with my head, on Saturday. Yes we are staying over. So We’ll see the bunch of ya soon. Cheers.
        DougShoemaker, 1/17/2009
See you there on Saturday lads!!! Doug - are you staying the night??
        garthicus, 1/17/2009
I was planning on Saturday but the event listing on facebook says it is a Sunday only event?
        Gorbalev, 1/16/2009
        Sammy, 1/16/2009
Me and Doug will hit bar on Saturday
        Radek Kliber, 1/15/2009
Looking like Friday night for me
        IPFreely, 1/14/2009


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