Chunk & Patriotís Lick-Yo-Face-Off Throwdown!

Saturday, March 14, 2009 - 12:30 PM - Whenever
Beerlandoís back yard
Orlando, FL, USA 32806


Thatís right, the O-town Throwdown is back!! Come enjoy some good food and good brews in the beautiful Florida sunshine. RSVP here and send Beerlando a BM to get the address.

Cost: Bring beer or food!

Contact Info



I was lucky enough to be visiting the area and hooked up with DChmela to attend this most awesome event! Brian and his wife were the perfect hosts and every body who I met was an instant friend. I had my HD cam with me so look for a link to the video on my profile real soon. Thanks OTown!
        Maltajo, 3/17/2009
Damn, you O-town folk definitely throw down...the list of attendees is ridiculous. If only I could get this kind of participation up here. Have fun
        bdigital, 3/11/2009
"Somebody DID die." - TheBeerSommelier Which is why I canít attend. A good acquaintance died, late last week, from a brain tumor - REAL fast, once they found it. :-( The wake is this weekend. Have fun, all.
        TheBeerSommelier, 3/10/2009
"Somebody is going to DIE." - PhillyBeer
        GodOfThunder, 2/23/2009
Where is this? It says contact beerlando but there is no contact info provided...
        Kayla, 2/20/2009
Have to work till 4, will head there when done. Visiting Ohio the week before so hopefully will have something new for you all...
        BeerVirgin72, 2/1/2009
This could be the earliest gangsterfication of a Throwdown, ever.
        SoLan, 1/31/2009