Great Taste of the Midwest

Saturday, August 08, 2009 - 1pm-6pm
Olin-Turville Park
John Nolen Dr.
Madison, WI, USA 53701


The Great Taste of the Midwest is one of the premier beer festivals in the U.S. This year, we celebrate the 23rd year.- Over 100 brewpubs and craft breweries from all over the midwest attend each year to share beer, food, music, and comradery with now over 6000 patrons overlooking beautiful Lake Momona-Tickets go on sale in May: mail order with May 1 postmark and SASE, or local sales on May 3.- Check http://www.mhtg.org for info and sites.

Cost: $35/ticket-2 ticket limit

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Extra Ticket...now gone.
        bu11zeye, 7/23/2009
In need of a ticket here...any extras floating about?
        nuplastikk, 7/22/2009
I have an extra ticket, beermail me for details.
        kmeves, 6/26/2009
@ tennisjoel & phishpond417...thanks for the recommendations on hotels
        zizzybalubba, 6/23/2009
Check priceline, itís your best shot!
        phishpond417, 6/13/2009