DarkLord Day 2009


DarkLord Day 2009 see 3Floyds.com soon for
1.How to buy Tickets to DarkLord Day 2009 so everyone that buys a ticket will be guaranteed to get some Darklord plus other 3Floyds beer-Proceeds to Charity

Cost: $10

Contact Info: Floydicus (alphaking1@msn.com) 219-922-3565


yjb 4/13/2009
whats the pregame... will be showing up friday night in an rv... btw can we park it in the lot the night before?
bretupdegraff 4/10/2009
CAnít wait to attend! I have my Golden Ticket!
ksurkin 3/17/2009
anybody want me to bring anything specific from VA or NC? let me know.
ogglethorp 2/19/2009
Great DLD website, canít read a freakin word!
cgarvieuk 2/18/2009
Now taking requests for what i should bring across