PilsnerPeterís Spring Gathering

Saturday, May 30, 2009 - Begins Approximately 2pm- Midnight (co-op rules)
Building Party Room
25-11 Union Street
Flushing, NY, USA 11354


Hey all! Saturday May 30th I will be hosting my first gathering, which will be held in my building (basement) party room. Itís a fairly large social room, but it does have a capacity, so Iím limiting it to 50 people. If you can definitely make it add your name to the event list. I will try my best to supply some snacks. Everyone attending should bring a bottle, or two, (or several) of interesting beer. Starting time is approximately 2pm, and will go on until around midnight (co-op rules)

In terms of people who are traveling in, I would recommend setting up accommodations with cheap local hotels. Check out websites for cheap hotels in the Flushing area. My building is accessible with mass-transit. For those who plan to travel in from Manhattan: Take the 7 train (or LIRR Port Washington line) to Flushing Main St. Then take any of the following buses (northbound) to 26th ave & Union St.: Q44, Q20a, Q20b, Q14, Q34. I also listed my cell# as well as my e-mail for questions. Cheers!

Cost: Your liver & some bottles

Contact Info

646 407 6105


Canít make it...have to go to MD for some house hunting. This is a bad year for beer for me. :-(
        willblake, 5/29/2009
Stevo and Jo have booked the flights and will be there. (2)
        decaturstevo, 5/13/2009
So any requests on growlers: I have access to city steam, Cambridge house, Northampton Brewery, Amherst Brewery.
        dogfish120love, 4/13/2009
I shall do my damnedest to attend, and hopefully cajole my partner into attending with me. So I shall second puzzlís "put me down +1". So... err... put me down, +1.
        j12601, 4/12/2009
Looks awesome, way to pull something like this together!
        Rciesla, 4/4/2009
turd +1 (maybe) also looking to stay at the Kretzer Inn if possible
        TURDFERGUSON, 3/26/2009
Is there still room here? All the +1ís are confusing.
        fredandboboflo, 3/2/2009
Me + 1
        yobdoog, 3/1/2009
Iíll be there with Shadrach, i.e., argo0 +1
        argo0, 2/28/2009
I wont be alone
        beastiefan2k, 2/28/2009
Iím in... thank God Iím the closest person to this (besides Peter). Navigating a bus to subway transfer should be entertaining.
        JoeMcPhee, 2/28/2009
john +1
        jcwattsrugger, 2/27/2009
Puzzl plus one
        puzzl, 2/27/2009
I am going to try to get Kim to come, but I donít know if she will be down for the carnage. Either way, please put me down for plus 1 just in case.
        notalush, 2/27/2009
Goldtwins plus 1
        goldtwins, 2/27/2009
I think my hotel will be the Kretzer Inn- Hoboken.
        miketd, 2/27/2009
Legal Warning: PilsnerPeter is not responsible for any permanent liver damage, personal injuries, the cleaning of any bodily fluids, damaged property, slips, trips, nor falls throughout the duration of this event. No prostitutes, illegal aliens, nor macro-beer permitted.
        PilsnerPeter, 2/27/2009