Tag der Kommunbrauer

Saturday, October 03, 2009 -
around Marktplatz
Neuhaus (Wind.), Germany 92670


Day of the Kommunal breweries in Neuhaus. Bahler, Lingl-Zoigl, Käck’n, Schafferhof, Schoilmichl and Teicher have all opened to pour their Zoigl beers.

Cost: Zoigl costs less than $2

Contact Info

Tourismuszentrum Oberpfae
09602 791060


tomorrow, already. any plan for meeting up? i should be getting in to windischeschenbach at 3, having a couple of beers there and then strolling to neuhaus about 5 or 6
        motelpogo, 10/2/2009
Looks like all the rooms in Windischeschenbach are booked. Mike (mj) and I would gladly pitch-in if anyone has any floor space to share. Otherwise we’ll have to take a train to the next town to find a room.
        TAR, 9/25/2009
Will be there with my wife for some serious walking during the day, and for Zoigl and Brotzeite after that.
        bierkoning, 9/21/2009
will be leaving Munich the morning of Oct 3 and might be staying in town.

RE: bahn tickets, seems like 29 euro from MUC to Windischeschenbach, so might have to grab that 20 euro Bayern-Ticket...
        3fourths, 9/9/2009
Actually, if you buy a Bayern-Ticket for the day, transportation will only cost you 20 Euros, just make sure you don’t get onto an ICE train.
        jfb, 9/1/2009
I will be in Munich on this day. Is it feasible/sensible to make a trip just for this? How long wiill that take. I will be in Bamberg from 25-30th and was planning to hit some Zoigl places at that time.
        TimE, 8/16/2009