World Beer Festival

Saturday, May 02, 2009 - 12p.m. - 10 p.m.
Moore Square, Downtown
Corner of Hargett & Blount Sts.
Raleigh, NC, USA


The fifth annual World Beer Festival Raleigh has moved one week to May 2, 2009, a one-time date change to accommodate a national craft brewers conference.

"By changing our date, we can ensure better participation by breweries," said Daniel Bradford, producer of the World Beer Festival. "That means a better selection of beer for our fans, and more opportunities to meet and talk with the brewers, themselves."

The new date also creates an exciting opportunity for the festival to share Raleigh’s Moore Square with the second annual Capital Crush Wine Festival, a Frankie Lemmon Foundation benefit. The two events will require separate tickets, but many festival amenities will be shared.

"We’re excited about this chance to join Capital Crush in celebrating the best in great beverages," said Bradford. "The two festivals share a common approach and a common philosophy, to entertain and educate our fans in the appreciation of beer -- and wine!"

Visitors to the World Beer Festival will have the opportunity to sample the beers from 150 breweries while enjoying local music and entertainment.

The two events will be ticketed separately.

Next year, the World Beer Festival will return to its usual date in late April.

Tickets go on sale March 24.

Cost: $40 in adv./$50 at gate

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Went to the noon session with VIP tickets and drank WAY too much......
        TheBeerGod, 5/6/2009
noon session for me, anyone else?
        wilkie, 5/1/2009


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