Bruery Show & Tell

Saturday, April 18, 2009 - 2pm - 5pm
The Bruery
715 Dunn Way
Placentia, CA, USA 92870


For those of you whoíve been to a past Show-and-Tell, you know what to do. For those who havenít, Beer Geek Show-and-Tell is where we invite everyone to bring in one bomber/750ml/ 2-12oz bottles of special craft/exceptional home brewed beer to share. And by share we mean having the beer served by the tasting room staff-please donít just bring it for everyone just to look at and drool, thatís not nice. Only those who bring beer can partake in the sharing. And, of course, weíll share some fun stuff as well! The tasting room will be open from 12-6p as usual.

Cost: a 22 or 750 of beer

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