1st Borefts Beer Festival


1st Borefts Beer Festival with only the best European breweries and beers. Attending are De Molen, Alvinne, Mikkeller, Struise, Emelisse, Narke, Revelation Cat and a surprise brewery. Over 36 beers you were always looking for!

Cost: Glass 2,50, Coins 1,50

Contact Info: John (festival@brouwerijdemolen.nl)


Grubeater 11/6/2009
Some of my photos from the festival: http://www.flickr.com/photos/grubeaternl/sets/72157622622417953/
jbrus 10/23/2009
Iím so excited! Hope itís the blast as it promises to be!
NoiZe 9/27/2009
Beerlist online: http://www.brouwerijdemolen.nl/index.php/en/beerfestival/brewers-and-beers.html