Terrapin & friends beer dinner

Tuesday, July 14, 2009 - 6.30 pm
Trappeze Pub
Athens, GA, USA


July 14th - 6:30pm

The week of July 14th the guys from Left Hand Brewing Co. will be arriving in Athens to brew their annal collaboration beer with the guys from Terrapin. Last year Terrapin flew out to the Left Hand brewery and came home with Terra-Rye’zd - a black rye lager that was outstanding. This year they will turn out another special treat that reflects the brewing personality of both companies and will certainly have a creative twist much like Terra-Rye’zd. Anyways, we never waste an opportunity to bring in world class brewers and this week we’ll have a house full of them. On July 14th we have the honor of hosting our third Terrapin and Friends beer dinner featuring Left Hand brewery & Terrapin. We have cellared bottles of Terra-Rye’zd for the event and will also have many, many more very special beers that night as well as cask ales from both breweries. This dinner will feature 10 beers and a guaranteed culinary feast. As always, space is very limited so please make your reservations early.
Reservation strongly recommended.

Cost: 45$, limited seating

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