Festival of Wood and BArrel Aged Beer - First Session

Saturday, November 07, 2009 - 1:00-5:00PM
Chicago Journeyman Plumbersí Auditorium
1340 W. Washington Blvd.
Chicago, IL, USA 60607


The Illinois Craft Brewers Guild invites you to the Seventh Annual Festival of Wood and Barrel Aged Beer, spotlighting beer that has been aged in a wooden barrel or in contact with wood. Enjoy a sampling from our selection of beers, which may or may not be available commercially from breweries Coast-to-Coast, and perhaps ever father. You will be treated to a vast array of exotic flavors from some of the rarest beers you will ever find!

Enjoy beers aged in new or used wine, whiskey or Bourbon barrels that take on many of the characteristics of that libation. Brewers of traditional or not-so-traditional Belgian-inspired beers often prefer used barrels so different resident microorganisms will impart a refreshing, tart and acidic character. Fruit, spices, coffee and syrup may compliment the already complex character of wood-aged beers.


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IL Craft Brewers Guild


Looking for one ticket PM if you have one
        RoyE, 11/6/2009
If anyone ends up with an extra ticket weíre one short in our party for the first session. PM me if you do. Havenít gotten a response from anyone yet(11/6), so Iím going to take my chances at just showing up.
        Gar4016, 11/6/2009
Does anyone have 1 spare ticket to the first session? Iím looking for one for a friend. Please send me a BM if you think you can help!
        SrSilliGose, 11/5/2009
I am staying at the Chicago Downtown Travelodge and attending first session only.
        BBB63, 10/17/2009
i have 5 tickets
        chibbyman, 9/30/2009
Pretty good hotel deal at Travelodge Hotel Downtown Chicago.
        tjthresh, 9/17/2009
my ticket is neither brown nor paper...
        17thfloor, 9/12/2009
donít have tickets, yut. i just ordered them.
        dm9831, 9/12/2009
I received my ticket in the mail today. Oh man is this event like christmas for me!
        xnoxhatex, 9/12/2009
hopefully this event doesnít suck like it does every year.
        drewbeerme, 9/11/2009
Im in for the afternoon session
        Davinci, 9/2/2009
As of today, Tickets are on sale via Brown Paper Tickets
        TheAlum, 9/2/2009
Anyone know when tickets are available?
        kseecs16, 9/1/2009
I hope they have nice beers there!
        Cornfield, 8/29/2009