Saturday, September 05, 2009 - 2PM until last call
lithyís house
Knoxville, TN, USA


The word on the street from a girl I know who happens to be a Lithiuanian raised in Canada and currently living in Germany is that Octoberfest actually happens in September. I can neither confirm or deny this supposed fact, but I can confirm that there will be drinking at my house on the 5th of September.

Some sort of dinner or snacks will be provided and I can come up with at least two places to sleep and it would probably be more like four so long as you like to snuggle.

Cost: Free Dollars

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can I go? Iíll find some good stuff by then to bring, I swear
        Rustyham, 6/15/2010
Just sleep at the homeless shelter. I hear they serve good breakfast.
        lithy, 8/21/2009
Would the Americaís Best Value Inn on Merchantís be closer to your place than the one on Magnolia? But it shows up as $2.00 more. Canít decide...
        nearbeer, 8/21/2009
I hope to bring a growler of CBS, but if that falls through, Iíll still have more goodies. Including but not limited to Sprechers Mamma Mia Pizza Beer, one of Suttreeís white whales.
        nqualls, 8/18/2009
Iíll bring a Cigar City 110k+OT and Guava Grove. I might be able to find a few other goodies, as well...
        Suttree, 8/4/2009
I call dibs on the bathtub!
        Shag, 8/1/2009
I will take all 4 spots and cuddle with myself:) Jo and I will make it and she will drag/drive my drunk ass home. Mark me down as present. cheerstevo
        decaturstevo, 8/1/2009


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