Muckfest III--The groundhogs are dead.

Friday, July 06, 2012 - Saturday, July 07, 2012 - Friday from whenever you show up until Sunday when you sober up.
thebaldwizardís house--beermail for directions
Straight outta Compton
Lancaster, OH, USA 43130


Muckfest is a unique beer event held in the picturesque setting of my backyard. Peoples is the main focus with a side order of good beer.

John Buckley says: "Iíve never been completely raped there."

Dan Slife opines: "Itíll cure what ails ya".

T-shirts are normally available.

Food: Slow cooked pork, beef, and lots more.

Drink: Whatever shows up, plus a pony keg of goodness.

Activities: Horseshoes, Billiards, Karaoke, Firestarting, Nature Pud, Driving Range, and more!

What to Bring: Chair, beer, side dish or dessert, tasting glass, firearms, rubber sheets, and virtual pets.

What not to bring: Attitude.

Cost: Your Soul!!!

Contact Info

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        TheAlum, 6/26/2012
Sharing: Crianza Helena, BA Rasputin X, 2008 Lou Pepe, other stuff you wonít want.
        thebaldwizard, 6/24/2012
Thanks to TheAlum for creating a Google Doc for the bottle list. Link is
        madvike, 6/24/2012
Eh, yeah you need a converter box, though we could get it on yahoo and run a cable to the tv.
        sliffy, 6/20/2012
Adam I am in, you said if I go...
        MrPickles, 6/1/2012
Bring some shitty golf balls so we can use the driving range!!
        ogglethorp, 3/20/2012
Have fun, guys! Iím leaving for Spain on the 9th, so Ohio would be a bit of a let-down.
        GodOfThunder, 3/12/2012


If You're Staying Local
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Hampton Inn Lancaster
Rating: 2 stars
2041 Schorrway Drive
Rooms from: $149.0
Distance from city center: 2303.05 mi.
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Holiday Inn Express & Suites LANCASTER
Rating: 3 stars
1861 River Way Drive
Rooms from: $163.0
Distance from city center: 2887.63 mi.
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Baymont Inn & Suites Lancaster
Rating: 2 stars
1721 River Valley Circle North
Rooms from: $101.99
Distance from city center: 2834.64 mi.
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