HopCat’s 4th Annual Joe Short Birthday Bash


Love Shorts? We think it’s obvious that we do… Our annual celebration of Joe Short and his northern brewery has become a tradition of wonderful treats and great times. The party starts at 6pm with a toast to Joe! Happy Birthday buddy!! Here is the list:
Liberator, Agave Peach, Black Cherry Porter, Snow Wheat, Bloody Beer, Cerveza De Julie, Gambler, Howlin’ Chinaski, Kind Ale, Vanilla Porter, Key Lime, Peaches N’ Cream, Beard Of Zues, Noble Chaos, Kick Back, Lakeview Lager,
Dingle Le Peu, Bludgeon Yer Spruce, Bludgeon Yer Eye, Pan Galactic Gargleblaster, Bourbon Huma, Loveknife, Saison Du Shorts, Captain Fantasy, Son Of Samurai,
Evil Urges, Superfluid, Uber Goober, Smore Stout, Happy Jack, Huma Lupa Licious, Funkin’ Punkin’ Ale La Rev, Pistachio Cream Ale.
Hope to see you there.

Cost: cost of beer

Contact Info: Steve (steve@hopcatgr.com) 616-451-4677


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