Jackie-Oís Bottle Release 3/2

Saturday, March 02, 2013 - 9:00 AM
24 W Union Street
Athens, OH, USA 45701


Hello everyone,

It has been quite a while since our last blog posting, 3 months. We have been very busy getting the new brewery up and running. As of last week 2/7, we are brewing. Both Thursday 2/7, and Friday we brewed back to back batches of Firefly Amber ale and filled our first 40bbl fermenter! This week we hope to brew Mystic Mama IPA and Razz Wheat. Chomo, Hop Ryot, and some other pub favorites will follow. The first 2 brews went very smooth and we hit all of our numbers! I couldnít be any happier. We are working with Ball to get the cans rolling, not an easy task. The money needed to purchase a complete run of cans isnít small so we need to get some draft sales rolling before the cans roll out. Hang with us, they will be available before the end of spring for sure, hopefully sooner.

Sean has taken over the brewpub! Unfortunately the boiler that heats the kettle at the brewpub died. This happened about 2 weeks ago and it will take another month or so before the brewpub is up and running. This blindsided us and is a big bummer. For close to 6 months we had maintained 15 to 20 different beers on draft and were have fun experimenting with Saisons, barreling beers (super saison, black saison, rum Oil), and getting crafty. With the new boiler will come some new innovation at the brewpub that will make Seanís job less taxing and that means better beer. The boiler also isnít cheap and this couldnít have hit us at a tougher time.

We have decided to through another bottle release on Saturday March 2nd. We will be releasing regular Oil of Aphrodite, Berliner Weisse, and Cellar Cuvee 7. The first two beers most of you are familiar with. Cellar Cuvee is a 24 month aged maple belgian Dubbel. The Dubbel spent the past two years in both bourbon and wine barrels with brett and lacto. Cherries and raisins were also added to CC7. Sean and I will be doing the final blend this week!

This was a quick update with a lot of new information, keep your eyes posted for production brewery updates, release updates, and more beer notes.

Thanks for your interest and support,


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