American Homebrewers Association 2013 Best

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beers 470 º places 10 º 05:06 Tue 6/25/2013

Well lagunitas is on there a little too much. At least hennepin and three philosophers made it. Those are two of the best beers ever. My only other question is how did stoneís ipa get on the list? I thought that was very average.

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This is a popularity contest, not a best beer list. Pliny the Younger is on that list. Total garbagejuice for the entries.

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Pliny is all you ever hear about. Itís mega hyped.

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Originally posted by pinkie
Pliny is all you ever hear about. Itís mega hyped.

Pliny the Elder deserves to be on every top list, regardless of style. Younger, meh.

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I donít care for Elder. Iíd take Troegs Perpetual IPA over 10/10 times.

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Looks like aha members like hops quite a bit

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I prefer the Younger over Elder. There are tons of IPAs I'd rather have over Elder.

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