Argo0 hits 10k

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Originally posted by GT2
Originally posted by kmweaver
Cheers, Aaron! Glad to have been around for a number of those.

(Also: Iíll be out in DC for Craft Brewers Conference this year. Where we drinking?)

Iíll be here, then moving to CA in June so hopefully we will be seeing each other a lot more!

Sounds good! (I hadnít seen Whitneyís post on FB until Ali just mentioned it to me.)

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Congrats, Aaron. Youíre one of the pillars of rb

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Has it been 5 years since I was last in DC, damn. Well glad to see you are still motoring on. Cheerio!

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Welcome to the Club :-)

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Aaron, congrats! And there you were not too long ago thinking of "dialing back" a little.

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meh, I mean, like Arron and all...

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Awesome! Congrats.

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Mazel Tov Bruder!

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good work!

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wow, congtats!