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Any bottle shop recommendations?

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Hop City and Greens on Ponce are good ones.

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Greens is good, but Hop City is absolutely the best, IMO. Selection is so incredible, itís nearly overwhelming. Iíd recommend going there with an idea of what youíre looking for, otherwise, you can get lost in that place...

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Havenít been in many years but we also went to tower wine on piedmont. I think thatís where I picked up angels share and red poppy. If you stray into Athens 5 points on lumpkin is pretty sweet too.

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I donít generally venture into downtown Atlanta often, but I have heard that Ale Yeah! is very good. Alpharetta/Roswell has a very high density of small, friendly shops; Iíd recommend Crabapple Bottle and Blind Murphy. Marietta is loaded with medium-sized shops, and Luckyís up in Woodstock has Luckyís Beverage with a pretty nice selection.

Also, there are a few breweries to check out: Sweetwater and Red Brick in Atlanta, Red Hare in Marietta, and Burnt Hickory in Kennesaw. Check Groupon, since Red Brick almost always has 50% off groupons for a tour/tasting deal.

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Ale Yeah is a fun place.

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Iíll be between Marrietta and the west side of town. Thanks for all the suggestions.

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If youíre in northern Marietta, check out Sprayberry Bottle Shoppe... they have six packs and bombers of almost every local brew thatís out there. Red Hare makes a good IPA thatís only available locally.

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Hop City and Greenís on Ponce depending on where youíre at.

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Will you have time to get to Athens?

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Originally posted by ContemplateBeer
Will you have time to get to Athens?