Beer Regrets

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Originally posted by GT2
Not strapping a camera to the skunk that defiled DaSilky1

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My first trip to Belgium I forgot to go to Cantillon. I had planned to go in the morning before dropping Mabel off at the airport but we slept in or something and I headed off to 3 Fonteinen for lunch instead. When I realized, it was too late.

I did a rugby tour through England in highschool and was mostly drinking shitty cider and alcopops because I wasn’t into beer yet. I can only imagine what I missed out on.

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Drinking M all by myself before it became a white whale.

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No, not really. Perhaps drinking too many Carlsbergs.

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I scrolled past numerous six packs of Bud Dry while I was on road trips a few years back. I don’t really regret not buying it, but at the same time I sort of wish I would have picked up a sixer for like $3.50.

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Should have sold my "cellar" on eBay instead of drinking it.

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No regrets!

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Drinking shitty beer from the age of 17-23. 6 years I can never get back.

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Originally posted by BBB63
Drinking M all by myself before it became a white whale.

Not that beer, but i think that closest to me, having drunk stuff on my own that id love to share with others now.

Ive made so many friends through beer. Thats the true beuty of beer.

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Deeply regretting the years of Emu Export quaffin’ thinking Hahn Ice was a premium top shelf option, I’m still in therapy for that!