Beer Retail Sales // Job Opening

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beers 45 º places 2 º 19:45 Mon 2/27/2012

We’ve got an immediate full-time opening for a Beer Clerk/Steward at 99 Bottles.

Very sad for us as our full-timer is leaving, but happy for him for finding a job in his area of college training. His last day is March 9th, and our goal is to locate the right replacement prior to then for interview/starting date so we can get them some work time together.

Please see the job description at http://99bottles.net/about/career.htm and encourage any qualified beer friends in the Federal Way, Wash. area to complete and turn in the application.

Core hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.


p.s. I don’t check mail on here very much, but do check the store’s email multiple times a day...so send any inquiries there.