Before I found this site

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There was no meaning to life

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Michael Jackson (RIP) changed my life, Ratebeer just helped me catalog it better.


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I did much less traveling

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Originally posted by bytemesis
I used to (gasp!) drink wine more than beer!

Me too--lots of wine and spirits, with beer mixed in. Now I drink 99.9% beer.

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I had a normal life

beers 2615 º places 264 º 13:29 Sat 11/17/2012

I was more of an asshole.

beers 4096 º places 113 º 14:00 Sat 11/17/2012

I wasnít addicted to finding obscure brewpubs to try and come upon a great beer discovery or willing to buy a case of beer full of $25 bottles.

beers 495 º places 30 º 14:16 Sat 11/17/2012

I would drink Amstel Light and New Castle at any gathering and my friends thought I was a beer snob.

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To me this Fuckiní web site is fantastic. I have really enjoyed the information i can gather here. Iím so thankful i put this place in my will. My wife and kids already know about it.

beers 5479 º places 35 º 14:25 Sat 11/17/2012

I wasted holidays talking and socializing with family and friends. Now I sit home alone and tick away, hello Thanksgiving and lots of new pale lager ratings!!!