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Iím heading up to Chicago tomorrow for a long weekend get away and plan on doing some brewery hopping while Iím up there as well. I know that Pipeworks doesnít have a tap room or anything, but can anyone direct me to a store where Iíll be able to pick up Ninja vs Unicorn or any of their other beers? Iím staying in Roscoe Village, if that helps. I checked Binnyís Lincoln Park website and it says itís not available. Thanks!

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The DIPAs are a bit harder to track down once theyíve been out a few days or so.

Some of the best core lineup youíll find is at Binnyís Lincoln Park and West Lakeview Liquors.

With that said, Iíd recommend checking out for Chicago as well.

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Not sure where it is in regards to where youíll be, but I always hit up archer liquors. They have a decent selection, and Randy is an awesomely nice guy.

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If youíre in roscoe village, youíre down the street from West Lakeview Liquors, most likely. Also consider hitting the guys up directly.

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Check out the Beer Temple on Elston Ave And Belmont.

Also, if you have time stop by Revolution Brewery for some beer and food!