CNNís 7 donít miss beer fests

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another CNN list
Iíve been to two, OBF and ACBF and will be going to Firestone Walker this year....

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Interesting that none are even remotely close to the midwest which I think has an amazing craft beer scene. Not that I am arguing that there should be. I have never been to any on this list or been to any in the midwest that I think are just awesome or could be worthy. Been trying to get to the GToMW for years now, so maybe that is one.

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No GTMW = Bullshit list

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Originally posted by TheAlum
Bullshit list


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Originally posted by TheAlum
No GTMW = Bullshit list

Without a doubt. Itís my favorite fest in the country.

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Great list. Noobs will now flock to these festivals I have no interest in.

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Ah, yes, Savor, the beer fest that costs a mere $175 per 3 hours. No thanks.

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Also no Michigan brewers guild festival and no fobab, just for a couple around these parts.

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And no Brewvival.

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My List of 7 (some I have been to some not)

GABF - everyone should go once
Great Taste
Stone Sour Fest
Oregon Brewers Fest
Vermont Brewers Fest
Belgium comes to Cooperstown - not as good as it used to be but worth a trip

*Purposefully excluding the RB planned fests

Nathan Berrong of CNN and I do not agree much

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The CNN guy needs to get out more.