CNNís 7 donít miss beer fests

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Originally posted by TheAlum
No GTMW = Bullshit list

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With several of these right around the corner, this smells more like an advertisement.

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Best beer fests are the ones shared with local Ratebeerians and are somewhat thrown together in short notice and 8 to 12 people show up with killer beers! And itís free, besides the bottles people bring. Best and most fun times!!! TC crew...

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Itís just a list of 7 fests that the author likes. Not meant to be exhaustive or definitive. Chill out.

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Originally posted by CNN
Forget the tuba and accordion.

Uh oh... Dr. Owl smash!

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Did they seriously leave out GABF? Lol

That's like having a Top 10 golf courses list and forgetting Pebble Beach.

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Two glaring omissions that make this list worthless.

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Originally posted by TheAlum
No GTMW = Bullshit list

Agreed. I donít think youíll find a better one day tap list at any festival in the country that doesnít specialize in whales.

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Its interestign that in my time hear ive heard chat of many festival in the forum yet i dont htink ive heard of a single one of them.

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Hey everyone. Iím the guy who wrote the CNN story. Maybe the title was a little misleading (fwiw, I rarely choose my headlines - editors do that) but this was supposed to be a list of beer fests to attend in the next few months (June, July August) and beer fests that have a little different format than just, ya know, beer. So, this is why things like GABF, Great Taste, Brewvival, etc, were excluded. It wasnít a "these are the 7 greatest beer fests in the world, OMG!" kind of piece. But more of "hereís 7 great beer fests that do things a little different than JUST serve beer and sell pretzel necklaces".

Anyways, maybe that will clear up some of the "why didnít you include (insert favorite beer fest here) festival???" posts. As someone pointed out, itís an opinion piece. And itís impossible to please everyone. ESPECIALLY the beer community, ha. But pleasing the beer world isnít my goal when writing these stories - my goal is to bring new people into our little world. To get people to put down their Miller Lite and instead pick up a SN or DFH. And then hopefully theyíll start experimenting more and maybe even one day join a site like RB and post online in a beer forum and start geeking out. Ya know, like we all did at one point. Thatís something we can all agree on.

Cheers, and thanks for the comments and critiques. Hereís to drinking good beer!