Euro 2012 - what are you drinking?

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beers 4381 º places 319 º 12:21 Sun 6/10/2012

Really enjoyed Italy v Spain - a fascinating contest, full of technically good players and a genuine tactical battle. Good to see 2 teams going for it too.

Hopefully Ireland will continue to put Croatia under pressure and stop them playing their pretty passing game.

beers 17352 º places 32 º 12:31 Sun 6/10/2012

Yeah that Modric and his pretty passing. How dare he.

Second Croatian goal was offside

beers 4989 º places 255 º 12:32 Sun 6/10/2012

My stream is a blocky POS, so I couldnít see, the Swedish commentary insists itís onside though. Apparently the Irish goal came from a break that was the refís mistake, so we might be "even" on those. Who knows.

beers 4989 º places 255 º 12:43 Sun 6/10/2012

Nope, not offside, the Irish defender screwed up.

beers 1813 º places 44 º 12:48 Sun 6/10/2012

just finished a Revolutions Kraftwerk Brown Ale, an English Brown Ale, which had German ingredients, whilst watching the Irish......

beers 5565 º places 89 º 12:54 Sun 6/10/2012

I might give up watching now. Is there any decent Irish porn?

beers 15579 º places 405 º 12:59 Sun 6/10/2012

Drinking water today . .

beers 4989 º places 255 º 13:10 Sun 6/10/2012

Wouldnít have complained much if he gave a penalty then. A distinct lack of fair play though from the Irish...

places 1 º 13:53 Sun 6/10/2012

Pirlo needs to take more charge of Italyís game and setup more plays.

beers 9684 º places 996 º 14:05 Sun 6/10/2012

No telly for me so I am certainly missing out here. However listened to the Germany game on Radio 5 last night in the camper on the Belgian coast with a couple of tents of excited German families nearby and the Poland (not all of the game) the day before. Weíre back home today and viewed the live BBC Sport text feed of the Ireland v Croatia game on and off whilst cooking a curry and listening to Richard Thompson. Havenít had a telly for nigh on ten years but I have to confess at times like this I would like to watch the odd game or two. Morris Dancing at The Red Lion, Wolvercote, near Oxford tomorrow night so may only catch the odd bit of England game, but I must say I may have to nip round next door neighbourís on Wednesday to watch Germany v Holland that sounds like it should be a cracker.

This is a great thread. Iíve only drunk Belgian beer tonight though, nothing Craotian or Irish in the house, I had quite a bit of Italian beer but was onto this thread to late to get into it.