Fake Blabaer í09s Filled w/ Stout/Porter

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Originally posted by Alen
One leaked, the other beer from the other trade is fine and looks pitch black in the bottle. Never said Iím gonna cellar it.

"this fake 09 is now in my cellar"

Just sayiní....

But seriously, when you pop it open take a lot of pictures of not only the contents but the cork and label, etc. and post íem here. The more info the better.

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Originally posted by GT2
I will say that when a beer leaks in transit, the resulting smell will not be pleasant and has no resemblance to what was originally bottled.

I had three fresh Zombie Dusts explode recently and the box smelled like apple cider vinegar.

Those were fakes you numbskull! Youíve been duped! Someone filled your Zombie Dust with apple cider vinegar, so whatever bottles you have left just leave them in your cellar and donít bother verifying.

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I mean seriously, letís skip the sarcasm for a moment here: you have decided that you have a bunch of fake Blaeber because 1) one of them leaked in transit and after sitting on bubble wrap and cardboard for a week it smelled like "nasty stout" and 2) because it looks darker through the dark green glass than you think it should.

Sorry, but until you come back with some real facts this is meaningless. If itís a fake, open it and actually verify that it is fake. Worst case scenario youíve just been forced to drink a Blaeberówell, that might actually be the best case scenario, but still, whatís the big deal?

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I believe Cantillon uses several different shades of green glass with some definitely being darker. I havent seen the bottle but it is possible that Blabaer in a darker bottle could look like a porter. Crack it open and pour it into a glass.

13:58 Thu 9/13/2012

This type of aggression will not stand, man.

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you can see trough blŚbśr even if itís in the bottle. and since itís from í09 it should probably dropped some color too.

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I wish i had some blabaer...the real kind.

15:00 Thu 9/13/2012

Originally posted by watson1977
I wish i had some blabaer...the real kind.

Well, there is still no proof that the one the OP has isnít real. For some reason he apparantly refuses to open up the bottle he has to verify.

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The best way to solve this is for you to send the bottle to me in tact, do not open it. I will verify for you

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Ok guys, lets chill on bashing to reporter here. Yes, he may have been a bit early in reporting without verifying, but I dont thing he is "refusing" to open the bottle to verify.

This is a bold claim though, which is why there are equally bold responses OP, so don;t take it personally. I second the advice that you pop that cork and see for yourself, and I (like everyone else here) would be very interested to hear the outcome and see lots of pictures detailing the case.

Best of luck man, let us know...