FDA Goes After Coffee Beers

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beers 3529 º places 220 º 13:27 Wed 12/16/2009

Originally posted by Blazer06
I donít need the FDA to give me drinking advice. My dad did a while back when he let me know that coffee and amaretto will not sober me up. Thanks dad, fuck off FDA.

beers 3358 º places 104 º 13:49 Wed 12/16/2009

Arenít they gonna have to crack down on all bars across the US that server Irish Coffees?

beers 3358 º places 104 º 13:56 Wed 12/16/2009

wow! stupid government... and itís not even being run by mormons.

beers 5464 º places 215 º 15:25 Wed 12/16/2009

Now Iíll have to drink my whiskey and cokes at home. Great...