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Beer trading and bartering (no selling!).

European Secret Summer Santa 2016 post your ahuls
ISO 2016 Blabaer ft list
FT: Jester King ISO: Cantillon, Drie Font, Loons, Geuze, Lambics
ISO: 2x í16 Blabaer 75cl FT: Derivation 4
IP Belgium/Amsterdam ISO: Zenne, and any one offs from Cantillon or 3 Fonteinen FT: List
FT: Various TreeHouse, Julius, Sap, AlterEgo & others
ISO: 2010 OGV, 2011 Golden Blend FT: List
FT 7/27/16 Ghost in the Machine
FT: Heady, Focal and Crusher; ISO IPAs from Trillium, Tree House, Bissell Bros, Other Half
FT: List (Bellís, Kuhnhenn, Schrammís, Cigar City, HF, Goose etc) ISO: Blabaer
Ft: 1 each - The Veil Master Master, Step Dad Chapperone, Boss Man + Block 15 Sticky Hands
The 12 shipper mistery box
Trade -after USA IPAs
FT: Lambic Díaunis ISO: Options
Trade -want USA IPAs
FT: 1986 Framboise + JF Vonck - ISO: 1999 Framboos
ISO: Lambic DíAunis (Or Zenne) FT: List / Options
FT: Cantillon Geuze Magnum ISO: Cantillon Monks Geuze
Beer Trade??
ISO: Veil Releases 7/27 FT: Inside
Looking for IP trade Brussels 6/8/2016 Paris 6/8/2016 - 9/8/2016
ISO: Zenne // FT: Sante
FT: VT Hops + Tired Hands, ISO: PNW Stuff
ISO: Black Note // FT: Fresh Crusher, Focal Banger, Heady, Alter Ego...
IP @ Blabaer release FT: American Whales ISO: Lambic Whales

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