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Beer trading and bartering (no selling!).

ISO: Gin barrel aged Nocturn Chrysalis / FT: Inside
ISO: Pinot d anuis - FT: Chocolate rain + Parabola + Grey Monday
ISO: V017 FT: cuve st. Gill +
European Local swap 2/2016 Pairings and hauls
ISO Lost Abbey Track #06 FT: HF, Dieu Du Ciel! rarities, Vermont stuff, lambics
FT: Armand 4 Lente ISO: list
FT : Ann b2 + ISO: KBBS, Brandy Vanilla DarkLord
FT: Wide Awake Its Morning Crowler, ISO Wants
FT Mexican cake & mexi coffee cake ISO TG Stouts
ISO: Dark Lord & Zombie Dust FT: Pliny & Map of the Sun
ISO: Lambic FT: KBBS, Cthulhu, Vetvet, DDG, BT Reserve, etc
FT: 3x 750ml drie fonteinen oude gueuze /// ISO: 5x 375ml 3 fonteinen oude gueuze
ISO: Buxton/Omnipollo Yellow Belly, Kormoran Imp. Prunum, Artezan Samiec Alfa BA FT: HILL
IP : Paris, France - FT : Cantillon, 3F, De Cam, Westy 12 and other stuff - ISO : List
FT: HF Six Years ISO: MBP+ Glass or SR-71
FT LPF, list ISO Mornin delight, list (Hun,EU)
ISO: Cantillon FT: Omnipollo, Prairie, Bruery, Sahtipaja...
ISO : FW Parabajava, the bruery Black Tuesday Reserve. FT : List
FT: Fonteinen Hommage*2 Cam Lambiek Special / Framboise Iso: Heady Topper, Sip Of Sunshine
ISO: HF Anna, Earl // FT: List
ISO: TG stouts FT: List
ISO: Seasons, OGVS, A&T, 50N, older Iris and Lam
FT : HOMMAGE, VIGNERONNE. Iso: westbrook Coconut&Bourbon Barrel Aged Mexican Cake.
Local swap May 2016--tl;dr edition POST YOUR HAULS
ISO: Older St. Lam, Lambic DAunis, Older Cantillon & 3F FT: Stouts, Lambic
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