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Beer Trade

Beer trading and bartering (no selling!).

FT: A&G ISO: Treehouse, Veil, Other Half (Int’l)
IP Trade North-ish Europe-November
ISO 96 Iris, pre-06 St Lam
ISO: Nutulhu or Maman, Prop 13, VR FT: List
ISO: Side Project FT: NG R&D
FT: 3F Armand & Gaston, Tilquin, Cantillon, various Lambics. ISO: Treehouse or similar
ISO: Cantillon / 3F FT: Long List...
ISO: Gueuze FT: US Stouts + - Int’l OK
EU Local Swap 2016/3 Pairings & Hauls
ISO: VR or Prop 13 FT: PNb4 + 2x Pirate Paradise + American Solera Western Culture
ISO Sierra Nevada / Ninkasi Beer Camp Double Latte; FT a couple STL locals or KBS
ISO: Lambic/People in Copenhagen/Brussels FT: Beers
IP Brussels 6-9/10 ISO: LPK FT: Hommage, BCBS, Omnipollo stout
ISO: Norrebro Saison Lambic & Cognac Little Korkny FT: Lambic, etc...
IP Brussels next week, ISO: Lambic, FT: US Stouts/Saisons/etc
ISO: 3F, Cantillon FT: Westbrook, Bourbon County,Funky Buddah, list.
FT: Cantillon ISO: US IPAs/Stouts
FT: Blåbär, Vigneronne, Grand Cru Bruocsella
IP Borefts 9/23 FT: BCBS ’15,Geuze Boon 2011, Struise ISO: American stout/bw
FT: Cantillon ISO: US IPAs/Stouts
ISO a Schramm’s Trustee
Hoarders membership
ISO:Veil and Answer FT: Tired Hands and Forest & Main
Polish beers for trade

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