FT: Old Rasputin X / ISO: Top Wants (sours)

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22:26 Sat 10/6/2012

Finally back to trading after a long [jobless] hiatus.

Looking to trade an Old Rasputin X for one of my top wants.

In order of preference:

1) Blabaer

2) pre-í03 Cantillon Iris 750ml

3) Flaming Fury

4) other rare sour offers. or OLDER Cantillon/3F. (i really like old Vigneronne and really would love an í05 Fou Foune). iím sure i can entertain the offer if itís reasonable, and i want it.

Could also expand trade to include the other Old Rasputin BAs, if youíre looking for them: XI, XII, and XIV. Iím still looking for some Upland Persimmon, but that would not be for the X.

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