Good french beers??

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Oui oui

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anything from Page 24 and Thiriez, you must get your hands on some fresh bottles.

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Some French breweries specialise in Biere de Gardes,

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Originally posted by Hoser
Some French breweries specialise in Biere de Gardes,

Had a Milly Milliacus yesterday and it was quite tasty!

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Originally posted by Tsekouratos
WOW!!!!! So many replies!!! I think i may came back as an alcoholist!!! haha..

Thank you so much guys!!!! i will be there for 10 days so I plan on trying a lot of bottles, and maybe even bringing some back home with me (i think t?at itís not prohibited if i "hide" them in my suitcase... ;) ...)

You donít need to hide them; as per EU regulations, you can move 110 liters of beer between countries inside the EU:

Assuming that your airline allows you to 1 piece of baggage @23 Kg, I suggest you to come to France with a smaller sport bag inside your checked luggage; when you go back to Greece, you use the sport bag to hand carry your clothes and other non-liquid purchases, and you fill your checked baggage only with bottles; thatís about 40x33cl bottles.
Before leaving home, check how much your bag weights when filled with wrapped bottles; I know that my trolley gets exactly to 23Kg under certain conditions.
Simon at Cave ŗ Bulles will provide you the bubble wrap for the bottles you buy there (for free if I remember). You can use some e.g. socks for extra padding, but you definitely need bubble wrap or carton if you want to avoid a disaster. I move hundreds of bottles every year with no casualties.

You may want to buy other items in France; in case, remember that soft cheese in hand carry will be confiscated at airport checkpoint because itís almost "liquid".

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Just sitting at La Fine Mousse
If anybody is near Paris, these are the beers to chase:


2 fresh IPAs to celebrate the 6th Anniversary of La Cave ŗ Bulles

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Originally posted by BenH
This was my favorite beer I found while in Paris


Maybe I just got a bad bottle, but I really did not like that one at all. It was an utter train wreck! Seems to be so well regarded though. I guess Iíll just have to go back to Paris!

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France marches to its own drummer. Its no different with their beers. And I like it that way.

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Had the Craig Allan Psychedelia some days ago and it was amazing!