Goose Island Founder and CEO, John Hall, stepping down, joins new InBev board

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Iím holding my breath in anticipation for a Bcs halftime Super Bowl commercial and maybe some sort of wardrobe malfunction.

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Originally posted by joet........ Garrett Oliverís opinion - why care? Weíre winning and theyíre trying to copy us. Just keep doing what weíre doing. <-- Cool message.

Right - and "if you try to follow the competition, you will forever be catching up."

Craft Beer will always be a step ahead of slick marketing, whether or not a few brands get bought up & neutered. Let it go with GI. There will always be LOTS of great beer, more every year and we will not want from scarcity.

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AB InBevís products are incidental to its margins. Unless a Craft Beer advisory board can change that fundamental way of thinking, I donít see much changing. Same as the old boss.

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I thought this was old news. Didnít Goose Island already sell out?