Highland Liquors-Now Open!

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beers 1878 º places 139 º 04:24 Fri 12/3/2010

I stopped by during their first day Thursday night. The owners are very friendly, and open to suggestions about their beer selection. Feel free to stop by and give them your suggestions; they were very receptive.

They are also serving chili out front during Bardstown Rd. Aglow. Drop by and say hello!

beers 999 º places 47 º 14:56 Fri 12/3/2010

I didnít even know this was in the works! I cant wait to get home and check it out. Sounds like someone wants to give Value Mart a run for its beer money. Where is it located on bardstown road?

beers 1878 º places 139 º 21:53 Fri 12/3/2010

They are by the speedway on the corner of Grinstead, across from Dittoís. They wonít give Valu Market a run for their money quite yet, but I think with their attitudes and willingness to grow, they could become another nice beer option in the area.