If Four Loco was made by Anhueser Busch instead of some small company? Would it get banned

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19:31 Thu 8/2/2012

All of caffeine booze drinks got banned by the fda cause idiots would just drink it till they drop dead instead of being responsible with it. Do you think that if Four Loco was created by a giant corporation like Inbev who owns Budweiser is is now about to buy up Corona instead of a small no name company, would the drink have gotten banned? Or not and why?

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can an admin let me know if itís against policy to spam this guy with links to meat spin?

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Ask Sparks.

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ask Jeeves, or google, or something. Just, for Godís sake, stop asking us this shit!

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are you retarded?

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Dude..... Did you submit your research proposal to IRB? And if so, whoís ass did you kiss to get a Primary Investigator for this shitty mess of a qualitative "research project"?

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Yes, it would have. Because the FDA has the authority on that shit. It doesnít need individual laws passed for every decision. So even if InBev lobbied that shit, FDA would easily still ban it.

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Is your lead free caffeine high in calories. I am intrigued, please send me more information.

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Against my first instinct, I think this guy is not in this for actual academic/substantial research. I would suspect he is a InBev drone who lied on his resume, somehow landed a marketing/research job that he is unqualified for (rich associated dad, or perhaps a mom who aborted Mr Buschí 15th born to keep the tartar off of his record), got really excited that he got the job, got his first assignment, panicked when he got his first assignment, realized he was totally unqualified, beat off in the handicap stall of the employee bathroom on the floor below his twice in a row to relieve the stress, then created an account here so that we can do his work for him.

Be honest, am I close?

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Why do you ask? Do you miss it? Was Four Loko your beverage of choice at your androgynous rave parties? Do you get nostalgic for chugging a few cans after dropping some E and crying like a baby because Paul Oakenfold was just so awesome that nobody else could understand?

Hereís a thought: how íbout we stick to questions about BEER?

(Just so you know, I am giving you the finger right now)