In South Bend later this week

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beers 2012 º places 13 º 20:45 Tue 6/25/2013

Anything interesting worth checking out at City Wide downtown? Any interesting taps at Fiddler’s Hearth?

beers 955 º places 29 º 22:31 Tue 6/25/2013

Have you been to Bare Hands Brewing in Granger yet? If not, I highly recommend.

beers 35 º 22:34 Tue 6/25/2013

City Wide should have a good selection. They recently started seeing a bunch of new stuff like Jester King. Ask for Dan and he can fill you in on anything cool. Make sure you go into the wine cellar and check out things that have been sitting for a while back there - some gems. The City Wide on Grape in Mishawaka always has a few interesting things in their wine cellar as well.