Malt and Movies: Just a bee in my bonnet

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Lately a trend at movie theatres is to offer a full menu and, effectively, marry restaurants and cinemas so you can eat a full meal, not just popcorn, while enjoying a flick. Many of these places serve beer.

So the next logical step is [insert drumroll] A MOVIE BREWPUB!

Do you think that would go over well?

What would you call it? Malt & Movies? Foam & Flicks?

Any ideas for what to call the beers? How about Marilyn Monroe Blonde Ale? (Probably need permission from her estate.) And so on.

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The Rivoli in La Crosse, WI had decent food, New Glarus and mixed drinks available at reasonable prices when I went to college the (God I miss that town...)

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When I studied abroad in Australia back in 2002 I used sometimes go to a theatre that had gold crown cinemas I believe. Meaning for additional I think aud $10 you sat in really nice recliners only like 6 per row and could order great appetizers and beers and specify things like I want my 2nd beer brought to my seat 45 minutes into film or whatever. It was pretty sweet.

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The Arlington Cinema & Drafthouse has been in business for more than 40 years.

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Boise has a small movie house that serves food and beer/wine.


They mainly show films that donít make it to the bigger complexes.

Their food is only okay... but the beer selection is surprising.. nice selection of local taps and micro bottles.

I believe that because of some odd/outdated statute of Idaho law that they canít show NC17 films because they serve alcohol.

The new movie "Shame" would be a perfect venue for this place, but they will not be screening it because they serve beer.