New job working for a major craft beer distributor

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18:51 Tue 3/27/2012

Hey all -

I just started a new job as a sales rep/account executive for a pretty big craft beer distributor. I知 hoping to get a discussion started about your personal experience working in this exciting industry, or any insight/advice that you can share.

I壇 like to think that I am fairly knowledgeable about craft beer and I have several years of sales experience so I知 really looking forward to this opportunity, and hope that I can turn this into a career, not just a job.

I知 most interested to hear about what a general career path might be for someone starting out in the industry. Good or bad I壇 love to hear what you have to say...


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you like handcarts?

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bottling dates

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never make promises
avoid supplier ride-withs whenever possible unless its a product you actually like and care about
dont make promises
if beer has to be paid on delivery in your state, it has to be paid on delivery. a claw hammer can help with this sometimes.
dont promise nothing

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Cash on delivery.

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You池e probably fairly knowledgeable for the lay person, but you値l get a lot of douche-tards (like myself) asking you stupid questions and making dumb statements. Smile and nod.

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Know the product you are selling. Take care of the small accounts too.

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Do you drive a F-150?

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Do the best you can to not pick favorites. Rewarding your biggest accounts is one thing, rejecting your other customers in favor of those big accounts is another.

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Know when seasonal products and one-offs come out. If one of your customers goes to wal-mart and sees a seasonal that you didnt offer them, you値l most likely hear about it.