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beers 7433 º places 213 º 22:18 Wed 7/18/2012

OK Aaron. We will find you:) Group from Bratislava will be there at 14,30-15,00. See you soon.

beers 4759 º places 241 º 23:13 Wed 7/18/2012

Heavy and me are at the Coffee & Co on Laurinska now. Man the city’s dead at this hour.

beers 7433 º places 213 º 00:34 Thu 7/19/2012

You are too early in city :-)

beers 4759 º places 241 º 09:04 Thu 7/19/2012

Reporting in from 1516. The Belgian Wit is an epic failure, heavy’s gay, Saphir Dry tastes like salad, but the Victory and the Oatmeal Stout are better than ever.

Stay tuned for more exciting news!

beers 8907 º places 633 º 21:05 Thu 7/19/2012

I’m dreaming of 7Stern as I read this, even as I drink beers in the hotel bar in LA. Good luck guys, and hope you all have a great Gathering. Hope to be back in Europe next summer and join you all.

beers 7433 º places 213 º 22:22 Thu 7/19/2012

Well, Vienna day is over, and it was nice. Now we are awake, at least me. :-) Within few hours we start our Bratislava pub crawl.

beers 12569 º places 248 º 00:28 Fri 7/20/2012

Good morning!

beers 15385 º places 403 º 01:12 Fri 7/20/2012


beers 4759 º places 241 º 02:18 Fri 7/20/2012

Starting at Patronsky with a Smoked because why not.

beers 4759 º places 241 º 11:37 Fri 7/20/2012

And I just earned 5 Euros by chugging a Pressburg Smrekovy Špecial.