Sixpoint coming to Wisconsin

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beers 3147 º places 3 º 06:37 Wed 3/14/2012

If you asked me what breweries I thought might come to WI next, Sixpoint wouldn’t have been on the list. But looking over their beers, looks like this will be a good addition. And they have cans!

Anyone tried much of their stuff yet?

beers 2003 º places 98 º 13:18 Wed 3/14/2012

Yeah, I got a number (five I think) of them in a NY trade. Really liked the rye one. Decent enough stuff. I would like to try Resin, which just came out a month or two ago.

beers 1588 º places 4 º 19:34 Thu 3/15/2012

Beechwood having launch parties April 10 and 11