So when is a craft brewer going to do this? Iíd rather hike with beer than wine.

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I really think someone like Nantahala or New Belgium with their outdoorsy theme should start doing this. A beer named Trail Magic would be perfect for this.

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Donít shake it up!

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carbonation is the real issue with a bag. Whatís wrong with cans?

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I carry grain and brew at base camp in my Dutch oven.

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Girardin already does. Not the same packaging of course, but still a bag.

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Bagged beer for the beach would also be useful. Hiking, beachgoing, parkgoing, whatever; bags are easier to ice-down than cans and donít take up as much space.

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Fitgerís in Duluth sells plastic growlers for packing into the BWCA

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Yeah, I remember one of the Belgian brewers coming out with a bagged gueze.

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Cans are good, but as an outdoors person bags are way better. Easier to keep in the cooler/ carry in a back pack & what not. There are a number of beers (hop stoopid jumps to mind) that I would totally grab a couple bags of before a camping trip.

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In all seriousness, how well would a carbonated beverage in a bag work? Wouldnít the bag become completely rigid pretty much immediately after being filled?

Originally posted by JMerritt
I carry grain and brew at base camp in my Dutch oven.

I skipp the brewing and give women dutch ovens in their tent at basecamp after drinking dales and old chub. It should read "pack it it, get her drunk, break her off, pack it out."